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In BBC’s modern reboot of Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the “highly-functioning sociopath”. The consulting detective solves puzzling mysteries that stump the officers of Scotland Yard but his often cynical attitude towards others lets us argue whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist. There are intervals where it seems the detective might have a pinch of humility and humanity, but they are far outnumbered by the countless times he shows disregard against the law and outright disrespect towards the feelings of others. Here are some examples that show both sides.

Breaking and entering, contaminating crime scenes, and withholding evidence are all examples of his ignorance towards what is acceptable. Depending on your view, you may see these as criminal activities or a price to pay for gathering crucial evidence. Then there is his inflated ego and belief that he is greater than the people around him, shown by the sarcastic remarks and degrading comments he throws without thinking twice at other characters. These antagonistic traits are combatted by rare heart-warming moments such as protecting Mrs. Hudson from a group of cold Americans or desperately trying to regain John’s friendship when the army doctor is finally fed up with Sherlock’s behavior. Then as the second season draws to an end the final controversial nail is hammered into our opinions when we see several accounts of proof that Sherlock and Moriarty are quite alike.

Now we’d like to hear your opinions, do you think this version of Sherlock deserves to be thought of as a hero or as a dark genius set only on following his own agenda? We’ll leave you to your deductions.

Article written by Tatiana M.


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