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Doctor Who Halloween SpecialsHalloween is steeped in tradition dating back over 2,000 years. Some think it originated from traditions associated from the Celtic Samhain (sow-in) and represented the end of the summer harvest and the start of a cold, dark winter which was associated with human death at that point in history. (Go figure!) During this one night, the Celts believed that the worlds between the living and the dead were blurred and so ghosts were able to roam the earth. The Celts wore costumes, most often from animal hides and heads, and told each others fortunes.

Of course, over the years and due to other cultures adding their own take on the event, we have what we commonly know as Halloween today. What’s so great about Halloween is that it takes place outdoors. What better time and place to wear an AbbyShot coat or jacket? It will convey the character you’re trying to portray and keep you warm at the same time!


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