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Ever since the video game industry began, there have been arguments as to whether video games are a fun source of entertainment and education or they’re simply a nuisance and a bad influence. Both sides have logical reasons.

Violence is a subject that is more than often brought up because it is a common theme in video games, ranging from harmless cartoon action to realistic fist and fire fights. It is blamed for the aggressive actions of our youth and even held responsible for serious matters such as school shootings, although studies have not shown a consistent link between the two. However not all games are like this.

Many offer educational lessons with or without violence and the different scenarios in video games can offer skill building in problem solving, refining motor skills and quick thinking. Another issue that video games bring up is social interaction. Many people believe that spending too much time playing video games will result in anti-social tendencies but really the choice is up to the player.  The majority of games have multi-player options, either through wi-fi or split screen, so friends are able to bond while gaming and have competitive fun too. The research continues. Are video games a negative or positive influence on our youth?

What have been your experiences, either positive or negative when it comes to gaming?

By: Tatiana Menchions


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