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The Doctor in his plaid jacket & Stetson visiting the United States!

We think it would be fair to state that the current Doctor has donned many a new look. Sometimes it is subtle…a different bow tie or hat, or even a different tweed. While at other times he totally transforms his look through his clothes.

The Doctor…different bow tie & his moleskin coat, and with the jacket, all are available from AbbyShot!

Based upon the “leaked” pictures many of us have seen around the net of the current series of Doctor Who, they reveal a number of varied looks for the current Time Lord. We have the great deep purple coat and fun scrunched top hat of the Christmas Special. These have a wonderful timeless feel to them, reminiscent in some ways of Doctors of old. We have the dapper aubergine frock coat and grey vest which seems to appear in more than one episode. There is also the awesome brown plaid suit with the cool bowler hat, in deference to Dame Diana Rigg we suspect. We can’t wait to see what he’ll be donning next!

What new look is your most favourite?


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