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Dante Hoodie Infographic

The Dante Hoodie allows you to carry your MP3 player in your pocket and feed the cord for easy listening.

I read in the newsletter that AbbyShot knows I’m back in town. Curses! Well, I did get a good look at the current workings, so I’ll have lots to report this fall. In the meantime, I “borrowed” this shot from Adam, AbbyShot’s top notch graphic designer. I put it back in its rightful place though, so they won’t know anything about it until they see this post.

This new Dante Hoodie is going to rock the joint because it has so many cool features. Best thing is, with it being lined, and with three zippers, it’s great to wear any time of the year, both inside and out. And the detailing lets you remain the cool dude in the ‘hood. I can’t wait to place my pre-order. I wonder what psuedonym I’ll use for this new product.

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