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With daylight savings time having fallen back in the UK, and due to fall back this weekend in much of North America, this has had us thinking about all of the ways we can save time during our day. In our research we’ve come across a number of great ideas, but it was the computer tips which resonated with us so much. We came across great tips such as:

  • Use email filters to help sort what is important and what can wait.
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts for email (such as opening, filing, sending, etc.)
  • Use hotkeys. While these take a bit of time to set up initially, they can save a lot of time in the long run. They are great for repetitive motions such as opening up the same documents over and over again. You can use them for repetitive tasks as well, such as resizing pictures, etc.. You can use Autohotkey for PCs or Quicksilver for Macs.
  • Instead of filing digital documents, simply archive them and then use your search function when you want to find something. This tip alone might save you hours each week!
  • Use premade templates. Why invent the wheel when you have thousands of templates at your disposal. If you come across some which you can see using time and time again, then simply create a blank one and save it. Before you use it, rename it (this way you’ll always have a blank one). If need be, assign these documents a hotkey! Smilie: ;)

These are only five simple ways in which you can save time on a computer…imagine if you could apply such a strategy to every facet of your life! What techniques do you use to save time?


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