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Tenth Doctor's CoatIf  you Google “What makes a hero coat,” Jack Harkness is the very first entry which shows up, followed by Malcolm Reynolds and Doctor Who. So what is it about these coats that gives them hero status*?

Oh, there are the usual bullet holes, of course and the fact that there are several versions of them so that they flow well while running, and hang in a cool way. Often they are a size too big for the actor as well, and are rarely worn buttoned up. These factors give the coat even more room to billow and flow while the actor moves about the set.

Captain Jack CoatWhile designing our versions of these coats, we took all of these factors into account, and added the fact that you want to be able to wear your coats out in the elements. They need to fit, and yet still give the feeling of power! If you click on the these photos, you’ll see how we best tried to accommodate sizing on the product pages. Sometimes, as a designer creating a product with functionality, you have to cross a fine line.

*(We were surprised that Neo’s coat from The Matrix wasn’t included.)


Which is your favourite Hero Coat?



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