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Eleventh Doctor in Closing Time

Doctor’s Coat: Secrets Revealed!

When we recreate coats for you, there is a lot we take into consideration, much of that we have alluded to in past blogs. However, here we’ll unveil a couple of facts you may not have already known!

For instance, did you know that the Eleventh Doctor’s Green Coat has a specially designed pocket which makes sliding the Sonic Screwdriver in and out of sight much easier? This is a design feature taken directly from the original coat.

AbbyShot was also able to directly replicate the buttons as we had one from the original coat from which to cast a mold. This made getting the crest from the button that much easier!

It’s details such as these that we’re pleased to be able to present to you when we make clothing you’ve asked for! Keep giving us your suggestions and links to pictures!


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