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AbbyShot Unveils New Products at Cons

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So where are you going this year? No, we’re not talking about your preferred tropical vacation destination – this is something far more important: What cons are you going to in 2013?
Squall Jacket and Enigma show at Toronto's Fan Expo Con!
Want to stand out in the crowd and be noticed like our Fan Expo friends here, wearing the Enigma and Squall Jacket? Maybe you want to be REALLY noticed! Well, no other coat says “See me” quite like the Stampede Duster or Dante Coat!  The detail found in these coats is very cool! The fact that you can choose to wear them in black or red, in leather or vegan leather also makes them quite unique and a great choice for cons.  Maybe you’re planning far enough in advance to be able to order a custom coat. Perhaps you think that option is  more fitting (pun intended). Well then you have several choices from which to choose and you can be assured of a great fit. Just remember to have someone else take your measurements for you so they are accurate (it’s very difficult to take measurements on your own if you want that great fit)!
You’ll often find some of our new releases making a premiere at one of the Cons. Last autumn we had the Eleventh Doctor’s Green Coat  shown for the first time at Dragon*Con before it was available to order in stores. At San Diego Comic Con in 2011 we premiered the Captain Jack Harkness Coat. Both of these coats were given tried on by hundreds of individuals before they ever went to market and we got some great feedback. Be sure to let us know which cons you’re attending. You never know where we’ll unveil our next design! We’d love for you to be one of the ones trying on the coat and giving us your thoughts.

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