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With Families in various parts of the globe celebrate Mother’s Day, and so we thought we’d have a look at various mothers in science fiction and see what their common traits might be.

Sci-fi mothers seem to be accomplished, for the most part. Whether it be Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, or Charity Carpenter from Dresden Files, the women are good at what they do. They may travel through time and space as a ship’s physician or be a full time homemaker who is handy with a sword, but whatever it is they do, they do it with gusto.

Protecting their children is a trait of mothers around the globe, but somehow when a Dalek is going to exterminate your daughter, as was the case with Jackie Tyler’s in Doctor Who, it puts a whole new spin on it. Molly Weasley (of Harry Potter fame) was also fiercely protective of her young as she showed when she vanquished Bellatrix forever simply because she threatened her young brood.

Mothers continuously support us, even when we fight against that. Francine Jones showed us that trait in Doctor Who and Torchwood when her daughter, Martha inadvertently got her mother involved in some dangerous situations with the Master and Torchwood! Regardless, Francine stood beside her daughter and together they showed us that good triumphs evil!

Resourcefulness. All moms are resourceful, but only mothers such as Sarah Connor can arm themselves and their families with explosives. After all, a mother has to throw the young into the wind to let them fly sooner or later…Sarah simply puts her own unique twist on the situation as the needs demand.

We agree that there are so many wonderful traits which mothers share, but somehow, in the world of science fiction these mothers take those qualities to new heights.

Share your favourite sci-fi mom with us!


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