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Measure for accuracy!

How NOT to measure yourself.

Often people write into us with their measurements and sometimes they make us think that either their closest relatives are orangutans or they’re giants. Sometimes customers admit to us that they’ve measured themselves with string and moved that along a 12″ ruler to get the number they give us (I’ve done that before when stuck….groan), while others have used metal tape measures. *facepalm

If you want your coat to fit you well, then not only do you
need a cloth or soft plastic tape measure, but you need a friend or family member (who is at least as tall as you) to take your measurements and write them down for you. Almost all of our product pages contain a size chart and there’s a link (shown in red) which you can click to get a graphic of where on your body the measurements need to be taken. For example, the following graphic shows you how to have a friend take your accurate shoulder measurement.   shoulder

That brings us to the final point. Please have someone else take your measurements! If you want them to be accurate so your clothes will fit well, then use the buddy system. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving a fantastic garment and not being able to become instantly transformed because it looks sloppy…or it doesn’t fit on your body at all! #horrorstory

We’d love to hear your questions or stories in the comments below about how these misfortunes may have affected you or someone you know.


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