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wowWhen people see AbbyShot’s officially licensed replica products for the first time, their initial reaction is “WOW!” We love that reaction, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. We get that because you have taught us what is important to you, the consumer.

You’ve taught us that attention to detail is important. With Deckard we had a gorgeous waterproof trench fabric chosen and made up the sample accordingly. Yet when the fans realized it was waterproof (as trench coats often are) they requested that the fabric be switched out for one that allowed people to get wet. “Why?” you may ask. Well, because that is what happened when Rick Deckard put on his trench coat.

We love that response because that is what drives you tell us about your experiences as you either waited for the courier to arrive with your parcel, or about how you felt as you opened the box for the very first time. We’ve had some great literature come our way as you’ve waxed poetical, created amazing scripts, and videotaped your reactions for us. These are the sorts of things which make us love working with you.

The other reaction which we often get when people see our coats is that of “Holy Cow!”

Replica clothing, officially licensed, reaction.“Those replica coats are so dang expensive!” Well, there are reasons for this. Generally, they are much less than their “real” counterparts. We do this so that more fans can afford to dress like their favourite characters. These coats are also coats which you can wear day after day, year after year. And while they can also be used for cosplay, they are not to be considered costumes. In order to give you quality at a reasonable rate, then we have to make some really difficult decisions sometimes. While we’d love to make you an officially licensed replica coat out of 100% cashmere, that would triple the price. Instead we’ve opted for a product at a fraction of the price which is still so very close to the original that most fans are thrilled with their purchase.

And THRILLED is just what we like you to be once you get your coat! Smilie: :)


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