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sephiroth03Some of you have been following AbbyShot from our inception to present day. You are the ones who made the forums popular, shared oics, generally helped us establish a culture, and connection. You suggested products, we designed them, you critiqued them, we tweaked them, you bought them and helped spread the word. In a nutshell that was the way it worked back then.

We have listened and learned. With your help we researched the products, and the oics (pics) you sent us helped. We drafted patterns and pieced together sample coats, jackets and shrugs. We shared this on the forum with you, anticipating your comments and suggestions. It was great while it lasted, until we outgrew the forum and it became cumbersome to manage.

On November 22, 2006 we created our first blog post, and that was the beginning of stage 2. This was where we posted pictures for you and you gave us feedback, still working with us to herald in new products. In some ways business was easier then. We created what it was you wanted and anything was possible, but timelines were long and errors costly. Creating affordable custom clothing was great, but we needed to up the production rates in order to fulfill your demands and so our business model had to change. And it changed in a BIG way!

Join us next time to see where it was we went next!


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