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Planning for Halloween Costumes

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And so it begins. With the last lazy days of summer hanging about, and with people rushing to and fro looking for the best back to school bargains, so in stealthily creep the Halloween costumes and decorations. Yet they bring with them renewed promise of exciting times ahead. We have our favourite shows returning to tv and the anticipation of new ones to check out. What characters will gel with us? Which ones will inspire us?

One of the best perks of working with AbbyShot is watching people transform into the characters they admire. We’ve witnessed it enough to know that it’s so much more than just putting on a costume. We’ve seen people “become” the Doctor and Neo and Malcolm Reynolds, to name but a few. People’s stances change, their language changes, their confidence changes as they don a coat….And so, as you choose your cosplay or Halloween costume, think about who it is you’d like to become! Who is it that you love watching on tv or at the movies? Who do you already resemble? Into whose character would you like to find yourself immersed? This is where the real fun lies!

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