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So here we are, nine episodes into the latest series of Doctor Who, and it has been a rollercoaster!  From welcoming the new Doctor at the start of the season (Welcome Peter Capaldi!),   to Clara almost leaving the Doctor (should have said Spoilers, sweetie), there have been some pretty big shake ups this season, with possibly more to come!

I’d have to say the biggest shake up in all of the fans minds would have to be Peter Capaldi as our new Doctor. He’s a bit rough, this one!  He seems to have little time, or patience for people, and even seems to feel the same about his Impossible Girl!  And he’s Scottish! With attack eyebrows!! And no hugging!!!!

But we’ve gone through all of this before, haven’t we?  Twice before in recent times!  The change from Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, to Tennant’s Tenth Doctor threw a lot of people.  I know one friend who was so thrown by it that he stopped watching for a while (don’t worry; I got him back into it)!  But the Tenth Doctor ended up being the most popular Doctor since Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor.  And then, it happened again!  From Tennant’s relatively calm Doctor, we had the almost maniacal Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor!   Again fandom erupts, and it took quite a while for people to grow to love the Eleventh.  For me, it was the Stonehenge speech that solidified for me that yes, this is the Doctor.  And then boom! Here comes the Twelfth!

And now we have the Twelfth incarnation of our favorite Time Lord.  He harkens back to an older time, and feels much more like the First, Second and Third Doctors.  But is that such a bad thing?  They are the foundation that helped grow this amazing show from what it started as (an educational program) to the amazing multinational entity that it is today!  So I guess what I’m saying here is that we should all give Mr. Capaldi the same chance we gave to the others.  Under those attack eyebrows, there just might be the greatness needed to meld the past, with the future!

Agree / Disagree?  Please let me know what you think!.


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