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Top 5 Time Lords we would love to see return to “Doctor Who”

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Top 5 Time Lords we would love to see return to “Doctor Who”

Doctor Who had the Master return, could other Time Lords?

After wrapping up the editing on last week’s blog post, I sat there thinking, ‘What an amazing villain the Master is.’ Then Michelle Gomez went and knocked it out of the park with her evil Mary Poppins in the Doctor Who episode entitled, ‘Death in Heaven.’ This begs the question, what other Time Lords would be awesome to see facing off against the Doctor? I mean if the Master can escape from Gallifrey, who’s to say others couldn’t do the same!

And so, we once again hop into our time machine, and take a trip back into the history of Doctor Who, and see who could possibly stand in front of our angry-eyebrowed Twelfth Doctor, and remain standing in the end.

And so, on with the list! I’m doing lists now, lists are cool. Here’s our list of the Top 5 Time Lords we would love to see making a return to Doctor Who.

  1. The Meddling Monk

Here was a Time Lord that had many parallels to the Doctor. The Monk was also a renegade, but he decided it would be both fun and profitable to interfere with history. He loved to mess with Earth’s history, and was first met by the Doctor while the Monk was trying to bring about a new technological age on Earth. Not a bad idea, except it was in the year 1066. He was stopped by the First Doctor, and his TARDIS was sabotaged, leaving the Monk stranded. As a side note, The Monk was also the first of the Doctor’s people to be seen on TV, besides Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter.

The Monk returned with a vengeance, as all good villains do, but this time with the Daleks as reinforcements. Predictably, the Daleks turned on the Monk, leaving the Doctor to save both him and the Doctor’s companions. In the turmoil, the Monk escaped and was never seen on TV again.

When Big Finish started producing the Eight Doctor Adventures (now canon, thank you Steven Moffat), the Monk returned and was once again up to his meddling in ways. He was also instrumental in the death of the Eighth Doctor’s companion, Lucie Miller. The Monk would be an excellent character to bring back as he could challenge the Doctor in a different way, forcing him to deal with a fellow Time Lord that’s just in it for the money.

  1. Omega

Originally one of the co-founders of the Time Lords, Omega and his partner enabled Gallifreyan society to achieve time travel. During that experiment, Omega was sucked into a black hole and presumed dead. Omega was revered by the Time Lords and became a personal hero to the Doctor. Unbeknownst to anyone, the black hole actually transported Omega to another universe made of antimatter. The radiation of that universe destroyed his physical body, and the armor he wore became his physical form. In one of the best episodes of classic Doctor Who, Omega returned. Feeling forgotten by the Time Lords, and usurped by his former friend, Omega planned some sweet vengeance on his people. He was stopped in his tracks by the First, Second and Third Doctors, who trapped him back in the antimatter universe. Omega made his return during Peter Davidson’s tenure, where it appeared that the Fifth Doctor had finally destroyed the dark Time Lord. But what if he didn’t? How sweet would it be to see the Doctor once again faceoff with his former hero, the man who helped jumpstart Time Lord society? Pretty damn sweet I’d say!

  1. Rassilon

And speaking of legendary Time Lords, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up the other Time Lord founder, Lord Rassilon. He’s the man who brought the Eye of Harmony to Gallifrey, the singularity which powers all Time Lord technology. He invented the TARDIS and all the traditions on Gallifrey began with him (which is why every item of importance on Gallifrey seems to end with ‘of Rassilon’). The Lord President apparently found a way to achieve immortality and decided to take his rest in the Dark Tower, while still occasionally helping out Time Lords in need. He also did this for the First through Fifth Doctors during the Game of Rassilon (see, ‘of Rassilon’ is everywhere)!

Rassilon was resurrected on Doctor Who during the Last Great Time War, intent on leading the Time Lords into battle with the Daleks. Using the Master to further his goals, he was to bring Gallifrey out of the time lock and turn all Time Lords into beings of pure consciousness, at the expense of all creation! Stopped by the Tenth Doctor and the Master, Rassilon and Gallifrey were pushed back into the Time War and the Lord President was defeated.

But if the Master could once again escape Gallifrey (Hello Missy!), you’d think that Rassilon could do the same. What if he and the Glove of Rassilon came back to avenge his loss to the Doctor. Personally, it would be kind of awesome.

  1. The Rani

Yet another renegade Time Lord, but the Rani was a scientific genius. The Rani was forced to leave Gallifrey when an experiment she worked on turned mice into monsters that just so happened to eat the Lord President’s cat. The monsters also bit the Lord President, causing a regeneration.

In her first appearance, the Rani teamed up with the Master (gotta love Anthony Ainley) and faced off against Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor. The Doctor again triumphs, with a little help from a Tyrannosaurus. Yes, an actual dinosaur. But the Rani proved that she was every bit the equal of both the Doctor and the Master. In fact, she was the one directly responsible for the regeneration of the Sixth Doctor to the Seventh. She had a plan to collect geniuses throughout time and space, and channel their minds into a giant brain capable of correcting what she thought were errors in the Web of Time. And while the master of sweet umbrellas triumphed, the Rani again showed that this Time Lady could outwit the Doctor. And wouldn’t it be awesome to see her come back and really show what she can do? As she wasn’t really evil, her amoral nature could be really fun to see play off against the Doctor’s righteousness.

And here comes my long shot:

  1. Romana

Okay, hear me out. Yes, I know that she was once the Doctors close personal friend. I also know that she was the Lord President of the Time Lords. But what if she turned on the Doctor at some point. Not much is known after her and K-9 left the Fourth Doctor. But she was mentioned by the Tenth Doctor in The Forgotten comic, where David Tennant’s Doctor said, ‘things went well for Romana…until the Time War. It could be that she pulled a Lord President Borusa and went a bit crazy. I’d love to see the Twelfth Doctor face off against the person who could be his oldest friend (besides the Master).

There are my top picks for Time Lords that can make a huge splash in a return to Doctor Who. Which Time Lord would you like to see return? Make your opinions known in the comments below.


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