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Hey! This is Leanne here (Product Developer for AbbyShot) and this is the first time I’ve ever done a blog! Whoop! Whoop! We all thought it would be awesome if I stepped out of my shell and did something more than just create licensed products. We thought it would be even MORE awesome if we started sharing the experience with you, to see what these actual products are put through!

I am from Newfoundland & Labrador, and even though it is one of the most beautiful places to visit, it is known that the weather can be quite unpredictable! Don’t be surprised to see all four seasons in the same day. Because I grew up in such a harsh climate, I definitely owned more woolies than pairs of shorts. I LOVE MY WOOLIES! Developing knitted goods for Outlander was such a treat, I just couldn’t wait until they were completed so I could own one of my own…eh hem! I mean three of my own!

The majority of the knits worn in Outlander, were Artisan originals purchased from an assortment of talented knitters on Etsy.  Their work motivated us to create a collection of inspired by pieces. 

 As soon as we saw Claire’s brown cable knit arm warmers, we wanted them immediately! Because we loved the design so much, we thought let’s just make changes to the color, but what color? After researching more of Claire’s character we found out her favorite wine was Rhenish. Right then & there I was visualizing cuddling up next to a warm fire, with a bottle of red wine…ok done! Rhenish Red was our inspiration for the new color! 

Even though this cowl is not seen in the TV series, Outlander, we felt it would be fitting if we created a matching cowl using the already famous cable design. We contracted some local Newfoundland knitters who developed the designs for us so that we could clearly show our manufacturer the quality we were looking for. One thing in particular that I like about this cowl is how large it is! It makes it all the more cozy to wear! 

Can you see Meaghan’s goose bumps? Ha! Poor girl was able to get an inkling on how Claire felt while shooting Outlander in the cold weather!  You’d swear you were in Scotland as the terrain is so similar. 

We really wanted to have an heirloom piece that looked like you went back in time to find it! Using the Outlander logo, how could we not create a vintage style pin that allows you to proudly wear these Scottish roots.  I imagined myself pinning this to my hand bag or my scarf to accessorize my wardrobe, adding vintage flare.

This is quite a detailed pin. The artwork took so much longer than expected as I didn’t realize how much detail was there until I began drawing it out. Despite the time it took to perfect the samples, I really enjoyed the whole process.

 I just love the contrast of the Rhenish Cowl & Arm Warmers against our Newfoundland ocean. 

We started our Outlander Collection with the Tartan pieces and couldn’t wait to add the knitted goods to the mix to bring the entire collection together. Another reason we chose the Rhenish Red as our new color, was because it just looks so darn good with the Fraser Tartan! 

This photo shoot took place at a famous landmark called Signal Hill in St. John’s. We caught Meaghan in the fits of laughing during our shoot because Adam, our talented photographer, had to wait for tourists to get out of the background! Imagine if Jamie happened to be visiting and he photo bombed us! That would’ve been “HEUGH-LARIOUS.” (See what I did there?)  

Blue is my favorite color and I am a big fan of the MacKenzie Tartan Collection. The MacKenzie Cowl is another inspired by piece that we thought would be a favorite just because of the color palette alone. The biggest challenge for us was getting the colors to match the Tartan. Dying some colors on different materials causes strange things to happen. I thought all blues were pretty until I saw our first sample!

 I think Meaghan and I have the same taste as she expressed that the MacKenzie Cowl was her favourite as well. When you lay this cowl flat, you will see that it has a diagonal, double layered design. The reason for this is because I started looking at pictures of Dougal in his get up and I just loved all the layers he wore, specifically his Tartan sash (which is worn across the body on diagonal). See the relation? The double layer also functions as a barrier to help keep harsh weather away from your face. There is little fiddling needed to be done when putting this cowl over your neck. Slip it on and go!

This is the most recognizable cowl from Outlander. I am probably safe to say this is most people’s favourite design! It was important to try to make this look as close to the original as possible. Like Claire’s cowl, we used chunky wool but, again, getting the right color was a challenge. We wanted to make sure that it paired with the Outlander Tartan so they can be worn together. The earthy tones just bring you back to your roots.

When laid flat, you will see how this cowl has a twist added to the design.

Claire also wore arm warmers with thumb holes so we knew we had to do our own version of those as well. To match the cowl, we wanted to keep the design plain & simple. These warmers are longer than our Rhenish ones, but use a thinner yarn for less bulk. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed developing our Outlander knitted goods collection.  I am such a fan of woolies that it was definitely one of my favorite projects to date. I hope you cuddle up & enjoy them as much as I do! Until next time….keep it cozy!

Leanne Avery 

Photos by Adam Martin

Model: Meaghan Ludlow

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  • Posted On July 15, 2016 by Jordan

    Absolutely love these pieces. I made some arm warmers inspired by Outlander. I am making a kind of infinity scarf to go with them. I’d die to get my hands on some of your patterns or work for a shop like yours, I love to create just for the sake of making something beautiful and give most of my stuff to my friends. Thanks, again, your stuff is amazing!!

  • Posted On June 09, 2016 by Adam Martin

    Hello Jan Moutz, thanks for the kind words! You can find all these products on our website, here is a link https://www.abbyshot.com/collections/outlander.
    Feel free to email us at info@abbyshot.com if you are having any issues!

  • Posted On June 08, 2016 by Jan Moutz

    Beautiful items! Is there a catalog?
    Thank you, Jan Moutz

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