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Dublin Comic Con 2015 has come and gone and one of the stand out things this year was the massive jump in the number, and quality, of cosplayers. There was room for everyone, from experts showing off the costumes they’d slaved over for months, to kids just excited to be part of the day. So here, in no particular order, are the 18 most amazing cosplays we saw at DCC’15.

Harley Quinn
An extremely sweet and innocent looking Harley Quinn. It must be a trick!

Photo: Darren Kenna Photo

A wonderfully inventive Two-Face in the style of Batman: The Animated Series. It’s no wonder that O’Brien was also one of the judges on the Cosplay competition panel.

Cosplayer: Joe O’Brien  |  Costume: Mehme Cosplay   |  Makeup: Pompberry Makeup

Zapp Brannigan
This Futurama cosplay raises so many questions. How did he get his legs so smooth? How far up does the smoothness go? These questions and more must never be answered!

Cosplayer: Adrian Corcoran  |  Photo: Megan Kane

Darth Vader (and Mini-Darth)
Ireland’s Emerald Garrison were a major presence at the con, bringing both high quality cosplay and sets for photos, and they delighted Star Wars fans of all ages. But it’s hard to imagine a sweeter moment than this.

Cosplayer: Emerald Garrison

Iron Man (and Iron Kid)
A true celebrity of the Con, Ironman Belfast was swamped by massive crowds wherever he went, but had time for this lovely moment with his biggest little fan.

Cosplayer: Ironman Belfast

Inside Out
A true, and literal, Joy to behold, this team of Inside Out cosplayers were brilliantly in character and brought a smile to everyone who saw them.

Cosplayer: Mehmecho Cosplay and friends  |  Photo: Céire

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
With the Red Ranger himself at DCC this year, massive Power Ranger fan Widdle Wade went all out to assemble a team and custom make an entire squad of Power Rangers armour from scratch in record time. A truly heroic effort that went on until the early hours of the morning before the Con. A special shout out has to go to Pink Ranger Cyanide Kisses, one of the driving forces behind DCC itself. The cherry on the cosplay cupcake? Getting to present Steve Cardena with his own specially made Red Ranger suit.

Cosplayer: Widdle Wade, Cyanide Kisses and friends

Dark Knight Batman and Harley Quinn
An impressive Batman in the Christopher Nolan style, and another popular hit with the fans.

Photo: Darren Kenna Photo

Judges Dredd
Can’t decide which Dredd is better – Classic comics Dredd or Karl Urban movie Dredd? There’s only one way to find out, competitive perp beating!

Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

A true Man of Steel!

Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Agents of SHIELD
Two generations of SHIELD unite! A modern SHIELD specialist has a timey-wimey encounter with Agent Carter, founder of SHIELD!

Cosplayer: Karyn De Barra (and my own Harry Nolan!)  |  Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Captain America, Spider-Man and Deadpool
Cap and Deadpool formed a jovial duo at DCC, keeping spirits high with their antics and barely making it past the lobby through the sea of fans requesting photos. And the sight of a homeward bound Deadpool trying to persuade a cabbie that his swords weren’t real will stick with me for life.

Cosplayer: Captain America Belfast, Ballyclare Deadpool and unidentified Spider-Man
Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen
Spider-Gwen is one of the most rounded, well designed and conceived comic book characters of recent years so it’s no wonder she’s so popular with cosplayers. This Spider-Gwen was teamed with her own Spider-Man but the only question is – whom is who’s sidekick?

Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Arkham Knight Batman
This astonishing vision of Batman has received well deserved attention even in the mainstream media. It was rewarded with first place at the DCC Cosplay Contest.

Cosplayer: Julian Checkley and Order 66 Creatures and Effects  |  Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Star Lord, Arrow, V and Wonder Woman
The family that cosplays together, stays together!

Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

The Walking Dead
These suitably grotesque zombies proved that whatever else you can say about the living dead – they’re patient queuers.

Photo: Gallifrey Ireland

Rick and Carl Grimes
Complete with bellows of “Coorraal!!” this father and son team did a spectacular job at bringing TV’s finest walker killing family to life.

Cosplayer: Eamonn Elders and son  |  Photo: Eoin O’Sullivan

That’s all we have room for, but for even more fantastic cosplays from DCC check out the official DCC cosplay music video:

All cosplayers and photographers credited where possible. Please let us know if you’re one of the missing names, info@abbyshot.com.

By: Peter Nolan


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