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Sunday, April 24 is International Watch Firefly Day (so decreed by Fireflyisawesome on Facebook), as if Browncoats need a reason! I love that I can get through all of
Firefly and Serenity in a day, but, like all of us, I wish there was more. We keep the spirit of Serenity alive through our amazing fan communities and generosity of the fans. So throw a viewing party or live-tweet with all of us, and end your day with Dr. Horrible.

Here are a few viewing party ideas:

- Have a reaver costume contest. I love seeing Mals, Jaynes, Kaylees, Rivers, Simons, Inaras, Washs, Zoes and more at every con, but I don’t see many reavers. You may be able to repurpose an old zombie costume.

- Decorate your house like Inara’s shuttle.

- For appetizers, put out whole apples and knives (not for the little ones, of course).

- Make a protein cake for Simon’s birthday. If you want something that actually tastes good, yet still technically fits the bill, make a chocolate, silken-tofu pie and frost it up like a cake.

- For the knitters out there, and I know there are many, knit your kid a hat while you’re watching, but know that your child will never appreciate it as much as Jayne did/

- Strum and sing the Hero of Canton

Enjoy yourself, and let me know how it’s going on Twitter. Remember, we’re not all so lucky as to have other in-person Firefly fan friends. Invite other fans in the area to watch with you as well, if you can. Just don’t let the Alliance in.

Please, tell us your viewing party ideas below!

By Shana Heinricy


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