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Can you hum a few bars of The Skye Boat Song? Maybe toss in a few words here and there? Do you even KNOW that song?

Before I go on, who hasn't read the books? Who hasn't watched the STARZ series? Who wouldn't love to be Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser? Who isn't in love with Jamie Fraser?  Who wouldn't love to live at Castle Leoch or Lallybroch? Who wouldn't love to go to Craig na Dun and pound on those stones?

So many questions...

So, let's go back to the beginning... No, not the beginning of time--the beginning of Outlander! Claire and Frank are off on a second honeymoon after WWII while Frank continues to work on his family genealogy.

Fold these two together, toss in a little time travel, sprinkle in some Druid dancing, mix in a pinch of mystery when Claire falls through the stones, and blend on high speed--then add some hunks of Scotsmen and a mash of British military dragoons (and there’s something about a man in a uniform--especially a certain, unpopular man named Jonathan Wolverton Randall)--and you have a recipe for success!

There’s a little something for everyone--action, blood, beautiful scenery, romance, treachery, fabulous period costumes, a stunning cast of characters, and mud--lots and lots (and lots) of mud! I’ve never been to Scotland myself, but the sunny days appear to be spectacular, though the rain and mist seem to chill to the bone.

With Season Two literally upon us, get the tissues out, and pour yourself a dram of whisky to get through the tough spots! There will be some rough sailing ahead for the Frasers--literally, as in pass that guy a bucket, or please hang over the side of the ship!--and figuratively as they navigate politics in France. But there is nothing to do now about it except charge ahead!

Tùlach Àrd!

Susan Diehl Castelletti


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