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When it comes to fans of television shows, Outlander has some of the most loyal. So it's no surprise to find quality websites and blogs dedicated to our obsession of Outlander! Sorting through the endless list of fan sites out there can be tough, so we went ahead and narrowed your list. Here are 10 fan websites, perfect for getting through this droughtlander!

1. Outlander TV News - www.outlandertvnews.com

2. Sass 3 Journey -

3. A Dram Of Outlander -

4. Outlander Cast Blog -

5. Outlander Online - outlander-online.tumblr.com

6. Outlander Network -

7. I Love Outlander -


8. Outlandish Observations - www.outlandishobservations.com

9. Outlander Fan -

10. Outlander Fangirl -

There you have it folks, 10 amazing Outlander fan websites you HAVE to follow. Join us next time as we list even more mentionable fan sites!

Want your website or a site you follow to be mentioned on this type of list? Feel free to contact us at info@abbyshot.com for any suggestions!

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  • Posted On June 27, 2017 by AbbyShot

    Hi Samantha!

    This won’t be the only blog of it’s kind. There are a BUNCH of other amazing Outlander Fan websites out there that we will share in the future. These are just the first 10 :D

    We love Three if By Space!

  • Posted On June 25, 2017 by Samantha Kraupner

    I am a fan of many you list here – but I’m afraid that you missed one of the best – “Outlander – Three if By Space”. Erin Conrad’s posts are always intelligent and insightful. I believe she deserves a mention here.

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