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Doctor Who has some of the most dedicated (and fashionable) fans in the fandom world. To not see one Doctor Who cosplay at your local convention would be like not seeing yourself in a mirror maze, it's just not going to happen! With 50+ years of constantly switching up looks in the costume department, the cosplay choices have become endless. Out of this massive community, we have collected just 10 that you NEED to follow on Instagram. Keep an eye on the AbbyShot blog for more amazing cosplayers in the future!

Nate - Los Angeles, United States - @doc_in_the_box

Dominic - England, United Kingdom @domgm

To learn more about Dominic, check out his "Faces of AbbyShot" blog post, click here!

Thomas - England, United Kingdom - @doctorwhocollector

Taro - Boston, United States @whocosplay

Alex - Los Angeles, United States @thegingerdoctor

Kai - Birmingham, United Kingdom - @redheadedchinny96

To learn more about Kai, check out his "Faces of AbbyShot" blog post, click here!

Dom - Borehamwood, United Kingdom - @thedoctordom_

To learn more about Dom, check out his "Faces of AbbyShot" blog post, click here!

Léon - Dortmund, Germany - @doctor_mcgann

Matt - Bristol, United Kingdom - @matteleven

Matty - Lancashire, United Kingdom@superwholockiancosplay

Well there you have it! 10 amazing Doctor Who Cosplayers you HAVE to follow on Instagram, and we haven't even scratched the surface! Join us again as we showcase 10 more cosplayers in our next series.

If you'd like to be included in our next blog of Cosplayers, please email us your Instagram profile, by clicking here!

Written & Curated by: Adam Martin


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  • Posted On April 18, 2017 by AbbyShot

    Stay tuned Catherine, more posts to come!

  • Posted On April 15, 2017 by Catherine

    Awesome that I’ve met a lot of these guys and they are phenomenal. But where are the female cosplayers? I’ve seen some amazing female Doctor, companion, and DW villain cosplayers who are either screen accurate or who make their own costumes from scratch, too.

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