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Price: $272.00
Now with New & Improved Vegan Leather!
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King of Hearts.

Enigma Vegan Leather Trench is now available in a soft as butter new vegan leather!
Leather version available for pre-order only! Delivery in approximately 6-10 weeks!

We're glad to have you among our ranks and are confident you’ll enjoy the Enigma trench coat that is favored by our members. You’ve most likely already seen some of them dressed up and wandering around, giving off that admirable dark and mysterious aura that one has when donning this coat.

The Enigma has a long deep hood to accommodate any hair style you have and it casts a mystifying shadow over your identity. The inside of the jacket is equipped with a right chest pocket if there are any trinkets you wish to carry around as you seek out hearts for our worthy cause and achieve status. A two way zipper for easy wearability is also featured along with a beaded necklace for extra detail. You can choose one of four sizes. The Enigma is made of comfortable black vegan leather, or you can go for the ultimate Enigma trench coat made with jaw-dropping 100% leather for an extra $400

When you’re outfitted with this long coat you’ll fit right in with the organization and all of its members.

For the ultimate Enigma trench coat, there's even the option to order your set-size coat in jaw-dropping 100% leather! This option is an additional $400.

Size Chart

Your measurements will be much more accurate if you have a friend take the measurements for you. Please use a tailor’s tape measure (instead of a steel tape measure). 

This size chart refers to the body measurements of the wearer, not the garment itself.

For detailed measuring instructions, click each measurement type!

  Small Medium Large Extra
Chest Circumference 36 in
91.5 cm
40 in
101.5 cm
44 in
112 cm
48 in
122 cm
Waist Circumference 31 in
79 cm
35 in
89 cm
39 in
99 cm
43 in
109 cm
Shoulder Width 17.25 in
44 cm
18.75 in
47.5 cm
20.25 in
51.5 cm
21.75 in
55 cm
Sleeve Length 25.5 in
65 cm
26 in
66 cm
26.5 in
67 cm
27 in
68.5 cm
Finished Length 57.5 in
146 cm
58 in
147.5 cm
58.5 in
148.5 cm
59 in
150 cm

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by CyberZombie
CyberZombie bought "Enigma" on our website
06/08/2013 - 02:24:36 AM
Pretty Damned Awesome
Just got this a few days ago as part of a Roxas costume. Pretty perfect.

Form fit perfectly for me, may be body type is just right for the regular (not custom) version. Well made, no problems with zippers at all, though it is a bit awkward to get on w/ the dual zippers... but I'm not complaining, the authentic look is so worth it. The zippers are plastic, and I usually prefer metal for them, but the look is so perfect I'm gonna disregard that.

My only gripe is that I wish the necklace thing that is on it was a little longer as it doesn't drape quite as well on a larger bodied person than it would on a thinner. That and I think the hood strings would be more authentic if they were silver colored.

As for getting it... do it... so worth the price despite those 2 things... and when you think about the standard con attendee, most won't notice the little things like that, and for the quality of everything else here, if you want to change those 2 things on your own, it's a crazy good idea to get this one and just change those 2 things cheaply on your own.

I'd give it a 4.5, but it only allows full ratings. So 5/5 it is... not b/c I'm rounding up, but because I believe the quality makes up for the barely, slightly off things.
Reviewed by handheld
handheld bought "Enigma" on our website
04/20/2013 - 01:42:25 PM
Definitely men's size
While I totally understand that if I wanted it a little more form fitting, I would have to pay the extra money to get the custom size, but I didn't realize the Small size coat would be THAT big. It's made for a quite broad shoulder/chested man. While the listed sizes may closely match my sizes, as a girl, I found it poorly fitting in areas, like the chest. I was really expecting more of a form-fitting men's small, not dissimilar in sizing to other clothes and coats I've worn, but that wasn't the case.

It's not so unfitting that it looks bad, however. It's an amazing coat that looks great, even on a short girl like me (although I will have to wear heeled shoes). Plus if I lift my arms it looks like, although slightly disproportionate to a 5'3" Roxas cosplayer, I have this super well shaped manly chest. I'm not opposed to that. It helps remove my girlish figure.

TL;DR So I guess this is a warning to lady buyers without broad shoulders, if you can afford the extra 100-200 dollars on the custom size, do get it. And if you can't, do get a size smaller than you think you need.

4.5/5! Rated 5 because, really, it's not an issue with the coat.
Reviewed by roxxor89
roxxor89 bought "Enigma" on our website
09/12/2012 - 09:53:40 AM
Tasty soft leather, hood too hooge.
Got myself an enigma about a month ago (My customs took their sweet time with it -.-). What can I say...unbelievable comfort on the inside and incredible texture on the outside. I actually had to get trench coat hangers + covers for these because its too good to leave it hanging by itself!

My ONLY gripe with it is the hood's ridiculous size ._. .

My entire face pretty much disappears as soon as I lay the hood over my head ^^; (And for a southeast asian, my head is pretty huge!)


As I am 5'7, i am just of barely enough height before the coat's edge touches the ground (Probably about just an inch worth of clearance). So make sure you are at least 5'8 with/without shoes for a comfortable looking image. I have to wear platformers (Yes im a guy) just to get 2-3 inch clearance... Oh well sux being an asian ><

Regarding sizing. Keep in mind the size chart mentioned here are geared towards big sized individuals in the west. Despite me being relatively big by asian standards the M enigma is surprisingly loose for me. Should've gotten a small actually :S. (Although the S may be fitting as heck).

For example the sizing chart here says its 35 waist. Based on mine its actually a whopping 39 @@

Bicep circumference is approx 15'. Some-what limited movement as im in the 14' region.

Overall, awesome quality and I wished i purchased a pair of gloves to go along with the outfit! ;_;
Reviewed by yourfatuncle
yourfatuncle bought "Enigma" on our website
08/29/2012 - 12:02:37 AM
Amazing quality, minor complaints
I got this thing in the mail and it's amazing. My one major problem: I've got a pretty thick neck and the thing (medium size) feels like it's just about choking me with the hood zipped all the way up. I guess I should've gone for the custom size coat

Other (minor) complaint: the only issue I have with the look is that the zipper only comes in one size: normal. Something the Organization 13 coats are known for in the games, is the over-large double zipper. If you're looking for a 100% authentic-looking coat, that's the one thing that will keep you from totally looking the part.

You may wonder why I'm so negative in this 5-star review. Well, that's because it would be far too long otherwise. Other than the neck and zipper sizes, there is one thing this coat has which makes it incredible: EVERYTHING ELSE